Sporting Regulations

Any organized event by RXRacing is, based on the Assetto Corsa (PC platform) simulation developed by Kunos Simulazioni, dedicated to Gentleman Sim Racers. Organized by RXRacing in order to create a truly engaging Competition and to promote gentleman sportsmanship Racing.

RXRacing competitions are internationally eligible online events.

3.1 All Competitors and officials participating in the competition undertake, on behalf of themselves, to observe all the provisions (including supplemented or amended) of the Regulations
3.2 The Competitor shall be responsible for all acts or omissions in relation to the Competition In addition, each Competitor shall be equally responsible for any breach of the regulations. Competitors must adhere to any directions given by the officials without hesitation to ensure smooth running of the competition.
3.3 The Competition is governed by RX eMotorsport in accordance to the FIA esports regulations

4.1 Driver: An individual taking part in the Competition
4.2 The Competition: Any RX eMotorsport Event
4.3 The Organiser: The parties executing of the Competition; RX Racing, RX Hosting
4.4 Regulator and Sanctioning Body: RX Racing
4.5 Force Majeure: any occurrence beyond the reasonable control of any party involved
4.6 Race Lobby: The in-game functionality where the events will be taking place
4.7 Race Number: A number assigned to each Competitor, visible on their vehicle and linked to the Competitor
4.8 Provisional Results: Any results posted before all Stewarding proceedings are completed are referred to as
4.9 Final Results: Any results posted after all Stewarding proceedings are completed are and the time limit to protest has expired
4.10.Assetto Corsa in the following as AC

The competition duration will be displayed on the Calendar.

Drivers must meet the following requirements in their entirety to be eligible to compete:

Must understand basic English and/or capable of using translator;
Must be at least 16 years old;
Must use your real or real sounding Forename & Surname.
Must be in the RacemaniaX Community Discord.
Must have the original Assetto Corsa Video Game;
Agree with Terms and Conditions of this regulation;
Agree with the Sporting Code;
Agree with the Code of Conduct;
Meet the Hardware and Software requirements (see Hw & Sw requirements).
Must have a good attendance record in any RX Racing organized event.
Must be in Briefing Discord Channel at the specified time.
Must be in Race Control Discord Channel during Qualifiying & Race sessions.
Drivers who did not receive an invite shall complete 75 valid laps on the Practice Server by 12th February

Own an original copy of Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni on Steam (PC version only);
Own ALL DLC of Assetto Corsa;
Own a Discord account with real or real sounding Forename and Surname;
Must have activated and configurated: Helicorsa, Real Penalty Tool, Content Manager, SimSync, OSRW
All needed apps are provided by SimSync, but it your reasonability to activate, configure and verify the functionality.

Gaming PC that meets the game minimum requirements;
Internet connection with max ping of 200ms and a ping variance of max 50 ms;
In-game Driver Names must be the real sounding and must not contain any of the following: nicknames, acronyms, obscene or suggestive language, corporation, company, sponsor, product or any shorthand of the aforementioned RacemaniaX, RXR, RX, RX eMotorsport derivatives that may cause confusion during gameplay and broadcast;
Drivers who attempt to change their in-game names and last names during the event may be disqualified from the competition.
Your Discord Username in the RX – RacemaniaX Discord must be the same name you register with.
Drivers are required to send a valid registration, failure to do so may result in denial of participation.

Liveries must meet the following requirements:
Must have to be designed in the way that they do not contain any political, racial, racist, sexually orientated emblems or content;
Maximum allowed file size is 20MB
All car liveries must contain the number plates and sponsor decals in their given positions, colours and form as received from RX eMotorsport
Liveries must be sent to organizers a week before the start of the season
Liveries that do not meet these requirements will be removed and/or the team/driver may be subject to removal of the competition as a whole depending on severity.
Unique Car Numbers are only available to those who use a custom livery; those that do not will need to register with the Kunos car number of the livery they wish to use, fail to do so will result in a random livery being chosen for you.

10 – CAR
Car setup is allowed there are no restrictions.
You may request a car change once – mid-season car changes are not allowed
You must confirm your car choice by 12th February


10.1 The respect of the Code of Conduct is a fundamental aspect in every competition. Every Driver who doesn’t respect the rules of the Code of Conduct will be considered ineligible to participate in any RX Racing Events and, if an evident breach of the following rules of the Code of Conduct will happen during the event, the organizers may remove the guilty Driver. All Drivers are expected to conduct in a manner that reflects positively on the organizers and shall not engage in conduct considered harmful to the community, reputation or relationships of an individual or of their partners;
10.2 All Drivers agree to avoid the following behaviours online and offline:
10.3 Hate speech or discriminatory behaviour: Drivers must not use language that is deemed by the organisers to be obscene, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libellous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable, or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct, at any time, off or on broadcast. Drivers may not use this type of language on any social media or during any public facing events such as streaming;
10.4 Harassment: any kind of harassment is strictly prohibited;
10.5 Discriminatory language: any kind of discriminatory words, phrases or gestures offending the dignity or integrity of a private person, a group of people, a team, a brand, a sponsor, a country through contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions on account of race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason, are strictly prohibited;
10.6 Trolling: posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in the RacemaniaX Community Discord, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, is strictly prohibited.
10.7 All Drivers shall not offer or accept any gift or reward to or from anyone for services promised, rendered, or to be rendered in connection with the event;
10.8 Betting or gambling by any Drivers or anyone connected to any participant it’s prohibited. Moreover, no Driver or related person may benefit directly or indirectly from any betting or gambling;
10.9 Drivers must be respectful of the staff involved in the tournament by the organizers, sponsors, and/or their partners at all times;

11 – SPORTING CODE – General Rules & Driver Conduct

11.1 Lag Issues or Ping Spikes
Any reports of lag or ping spikes, you may be asked to leave the lobby, reset your router or be marked as a non-starter for the race’s final standings. Leaving an event due to high ping will not occur any additional penalties other than a missed start.
If you have high ping and continue to race with or without a report and cause an accident; your high ping will not be taken into account as a reason.
In some of the servers there is a maximum ping limit in place, so ensure to check using our practice servers if you can race on them or not.

11.2 Attendance
Drivers who do not show up to race without giving notice to Race Director will incur 10 penalty points. Repeated no shows may result in DQ and permanent exclusion from all RX Racing events.

11.3 Practice
An official practice server will be provided at least 7 days before each event. Track and weather conditions are identical to the official race conditions

11.4 Qualifying
Do not overtake in qualifying unless a driver in front has slowed down and indicated visually by pulling off the racing line they are letting you through, failure to do so will be subject to penalties for the next available race if caught.
Lap invalidation resulting from off-tracks are entirely handled by the game.
Approaching a driver on his/her fast lap and overtaking is forbidden. The driver behind must make sure that there is ample space in front before starting the timed lap while predicting potential pace differences, so that he/she does not disrupt the qualifying lap of the car in front.
*Drivers who disturb another driver on a fast lap from behind may be penalized by the Stewards and repeated offenders may receive a rebuke or ban from the event.

11.5 Track Limits
Track limits are determined by the game itself, utilizing the in-game warning and penalty system for infractions.
Pit entry/exit lanes are considered part of the racing surface for the cars on track, unless admins decide otherwise for certain track layouts. Drivers using the pits have to stay within pit entry/exit lane lines with all four wheels and are not allowed to cross over. Riding on the line will be acceptable and any penalty decision will be at the discretion of the stewards.
Going off of track with all four wheels due to a mistake is considered part of racing. Repeated leaving the track at the same corner(s) may be deemed as gaining an advantage and a penalty may be given either by the in-game penalty system or the Stewards.
Gaining a position or gaining an advantage against a competitor or gaining track position (gaining time) by leaving the track in any way is against the rules, regardless of any in-game penalty that may be handed out, and the Stewards may apply penalties because of that, unless the driver gives back the position immediately or slows down to compensate within the same lap.

11.6 Re-joining the track
If you leave the track for any reason, you must re-enter the track safely and stay off of the racing line until you are back up to racing speed, and without gaining an advantage.
If you cannot stay off of the racing line when re-joining the track, you must remain predictable and not fight with faster cars around you until you are back up to speed.
In case of a crash, you have to do anything possible to keep the car outside the track and make anything possible, that other drivers do not crash into you.
After a crash the brake has to be pressed to the maximum till you are in control of the car again.

11.7 Car Resets
Using the reset button within the simulation is allowed only during Practice.
During Qualifiying and Race you must drive your car back to the pit lane if possible. If the vehicle is damaged to the extent of being undrivable and dangerous to those around, only then can you reset back to your pit box.

11.8 Overtaking & Defending
The driver in front has the right to choose any line at any section of the track. The driver in front loses this right when an overtaking driver brings their front wheel to line up with the other driver’s door. At this point drivers are in a “side-by-side” position, and they both have to give each other at least 1 car’s width room.
Defending is allowed and accepted as a reaction by the driver in front. It is not allowed to defend if there is any overlap between cars. Note that following a racing line into a corner is not considered defence (unless cars are deemed side-by-side).
Both the passing driver and the driver in front are responsible for fair racing during the pass. It is the passing driver’s responsibility to choose a safe timing for the pass.
Pass attempts at a turn is what causes most accidents. The preferred racing line through most corners is usually very narrow and sometimes it will be impossible for two cars to share tight corners side-by-side at full speed. For each corner, the right to the preferred racing line is decided at the turn-in point. A driver attempting to pass at corner entry has to be in a side-by-side position at the turn-in point to have a right to enter the corner side-by-side. If not, this driver must back off and give way to the driver up front.
Dive-bombing should be avoided and is subject to a penalty. If the attempting driver was out of control and caused contact, or time loss to another driver, the penalties applied may be harsher than normal.
Brake checking, unnecessary slowing through a corner, punting, bump-passing, cutting-off or chopping, whether there is contact or not, are not permitted and will be subject to penalty.
Blocking is not allowed and subject to a penalty.
11.9 Blue Flags
All events and league races (unless defined below) – When presented with a blue flag, you must maintain a predictable line, which is commonly the racing line, a blue flagged car is NOT required to pull off the racing line to allow a faster car to pass, although may do so if they feel they can do so comfortably. If the lapping car makes a well communicated move, the blue flagged car must let the lapping car through.
Endurance Multiclass – When lapping another driver in a slower class/category, it is your responsibility to make the overtake safe and transparent. The slower class is not required to move from the racing line for the faster car unless communicated clearly between the classes. If a driver is a lap down on the same class/category, then the same rules will apply, only move from the racing line if you are clear on your intentions and the faster car should always find a safe way around the backmarker.
Lapped drivers are allowed to unlap themselves as long as they can pull away after passing the driver that has a lap advantage.

12.0 Yellow Flags
When a sector/part of the track is yellow flagged, caution must be taken and drivers must slow down if a car is on the track whilst going through the yellow flag, special care must be taken if there is an accident in the first lap as this is when most cars and drivers are bunched together.

12.1 Red Flags
A session may be red flagged at any time by either the race director; this may be conveyed via chat messages, or announcements, or via global communications. The driver who caused the red flag may or may not be removed from the race and will not be able to compete once the red flag is lifted, a red flag means that the race will be restarted if possible, if not, any overtaking once the red flag has been called is no longer allowed until the red flag is lifted.

12.2 Pit Lane Entry and Exit
The pit lane is to be respected at all times and blocking either the exit or entry to practice starts or to change settings in the game will incur a one place penalty at the end of the race, including “waiting” for the qualifying to start, you must start from your pit box. Speed has to be reduced to 80km (AC), 50km (ACC), 80km (rF2), infractions are penalised with a drive through. You always have to respect the pit exit line. Crossing it in race will be penalised with a drive through penalty or stop and go penalty

12.3 Sportsmanship
Try to be respectful at all times with other drivers on track and keep in mind which drivers around you are on a flying lap and which drivers are on an “in lap” or “out lap”.
Race – Failure to give back a position gained by contact, crashing or intentionally spinning out another driver will get you a minimum penalty of 10 seconds added to your race time.Position swaps to aid a team member in a solo championship – This is an immediate 5 point deduction from the championship and finishing positions will be changed to reflect the aid in position.

Penalties will be issued on a case-by-case basis as deemed by the race stewards with the following in mind:
The severity of the incident.
Impact on the other drivers’ race
Impact on race positions of both parties involved.
Previous penalties for misconduct can be considered for future reports and heighten penalties due to repetition of rule-breaking. The following penalties can be issued but are not limited to: Warnings Minor incidents that have no or very little damage to both competitors, or incidents where contact has occurred between both drivers and the positions gained or lost have been given back.
Points Penalties/Time Penalties This can be given out at any incident that is deemed sufficient enough to warrant it and is usually the first penalty that is applied to a car.
Qualifying Ban Moderate incidents that directly affect other drivers’ races. This qualifying ban must be served at the next available race in the championship.
Race Ban Major incidents that directly affect multiple drivers or a disregard for the rules and etiquette. To be served at the next race.
League removal Blatant disregard for the rules and regulations or the intentional causing of an incident can result in immediate league removal/event bans for the foreseeable future.
Equipment or Peripheral issues If you have an issue with your equipment or peripherals, or you disconnect, you must pull off the track immediately and inform race control immediately. If unable to pull off from the track you are to brake in an attempt to minimise the disruption caused from faulty equipment and then contact #pitcrew-support to let us know what has happened and why you retired from the race. Failure to make the admins aware can incur penalties.
Lobby Restarts and Session resets If the lobby hits 50% disconnections, the lobby could restart to fix the issues and get drivers back racing. A significant racing incident that takes out the majority of the grid will also get a race restart; however, this will be at the discretion of the event host and may not happen in all cases.
Headlights/Flashing During night time races, headlights are always required to be on.
During multiclass events, headlights are always required to be on. Flashing can be used only to gain the attention of a slower class/category of car and is not to be used as a distraction method.
During day time races, headlights are not required to be on; however, can be if the driver wishes for them to be. If the flashing is used as a distraction, then this is a reportable offence and will be given a 5 second time penalty


13.1 Date, Session, and Weather
All information regarding the date of the race, the weather of the race and the type of session will be given on the sign-up page.

13.3 Assists
All assists are factory and will be determined by the server.

13.4 Session and Race lengths
All information for the session and race length will be given on the sign-up page. It is up to the driver to check how long the sessions are and set up the car accordingly.

Based on the order of arrival at the finish line of every championship race, Drivers will be assigned the following points for their finishing position:
1st place: 25 points
2nd place: 18 points
3rd place: 15 points
4th place: 12 points
5th place: 10 points
6th place: 8 points
7th place: 6 points
8th place: 4 points
9th place: 2 points
10th place: 1 point

Ties If two or more competitors
have an equal number of points at the end of the season the winner will be determined following race wins and then podiums

Any discussion of the incidents outside of the league chats and steward reports will incur 5 points penalties for each driver.
Discussions are to be light-hearted and fun, abuse towards RacemaniaX Staff and/or other competitors will not be tolerated.
Rage DQ from race incurs a 10 points penalty

Participants may be allowed to file protests up to 1 hour after the race session is concluded.
A text channel on the RXR – RacemaniaX Discord server named “Protests” will be open, and in that time, participants may submit their protests in the following format:
Car #
Opponent car(s) #:
Lap #:
Turn #:
Short description of the incident: __________________
A message will be posted by an Administrator confirming the start time of the Protest window (the time that the race ended). A further message will be posted to confirm the closure of the 1 hour window. Protests not sent in this timeframe will not be accepted and examined. Protests sent with the wrong format or incomplete may be discarded by the Stewards without viewing their content.
Participants misusing the Protests channel by needless chatting, flaming and calling out other drivers will be penalised or even disqualified from the event.

In-game CHAT window must be enabled for all official test and event sessions in the game’s UI settings.
The organizers will not accept any complaints about missed messages if sent using this chat.
No in-game text chatting is permitted during Qualifying and Race. Players not complying to this rule may be warned or penalized during or after the session.
Repeated offenders may receive a penalty affecting his or her race result or standings in the series or even a ban from the championship.