Unfortunately we do not have a Crystal Ball, so you will have to open a ticket on the Community Discord. Staff will then assist you.

You may have been kicked/banned because of the following:

  • Your broke our rules
  • You have ran out of RMC Credits
  • You did not serve your drive through penalty correctly
  • You have exceeded the crash rate limit of our servers
  • You did not set a laptime that meets the requirements to use our servers in the alotted time


Yes, we are currently accepting applications

You can send an application here
If you would like to see a different car or track on our servers. Head to suggestions channel on Discord and tell us what you would like, if we like your idea we will do a community poll.

RacemaniaX is an International SimRacing Community founded in 2015, we have been a Public Server provider since 2015 and have amassed over 150,000 unique driver connections since our inception. Our goals are to provide Public Servers with fair racing and sportsmanlike conduct &  a self-sustainable competitive league that is focused on providing drivers from our Public Servers who wish for a competitive and engaging league experience.

We are a very small team (2 people) so any help is very appreciated. Please go through this list and if you have any expertise in any of these fields and are willing to offer your free time contact “BenK” on the Community Discord.

Assetto Corsa Photography
Assetto Corsa Livery
Photoshop (brochure)
Video editing (trailers)
Car & Track Modding
PHP & Python Coders

We ask kindly that you do not contact us unless you are serious and have sufficient basic skills in the specific field.

If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor our community you can contact us: racemaniax.com@gmail.com