RX eMotorsport Endurance Team

Simracing team based in England, UK.


Established in 2020, RX eMotorsport is a serial endurance winning e-sports racing team that competes in a variety of Endurance & Sprint series on AC/ACC

Our goal is to compete at the highest level while providing a platform for talented drivers to pursue a career in simracing. We are accessible to any and all who are committed.

Behind the Numbers



Nicknamed Mack Barker. "RXE-MB" RX eMotorsport - Mack Barker is our intermediate team.

This team is perfect for drivers who are looking for endurance racing to gain experience



The crème de la crème "RXE" - RX eMotorsport #200 is our Pro e-Sports team, the best RacemaniaX has to offer.

This team is for skilled drivers with previous league and/or endurance experience.


#999 (Reserve)

#999 is the reserve team, new drivers will be placed in this team.

Driver's from this team will be offered to join either #198 or #200 on a temporary or permanent move.


You must meet these requirements if you wish to join RX eMotorsport:

Laptime Requirement

You must complete a laptime around Kyalami with the Audi R8 GT3 Evo II

All Laptimes are completed on 23/28 conditions

Laptime required:

Pro #200 - 1:40.3
Mack Barker #198 - 1:42.0


We require dedicated and committed drivers, you would be expected to show up for team meetings, training & obviously the races.

Fitting In

Team atmosphere is light-hearted and banterous. It's important you have a sense of humor and have the ability to focus and be serious when it's time to.

What we can offer

Joining RX eMotorsport gives you some perks.


We will provide you with coaching to help you clean up your driving and extract every last tenth.


As a member of RX eMotorsport, you will get access to all setups.


We will manage everything, ranging from paying entry fees, managing prize money, aquiring setups, to organizing races & race management.