SimSync Installation Guide

For all our major events we are using SimSyncPro.

SimSync is a tool to synchronize our server content with your pc game content. You don’t need to download or unpack any files separately, cars, tracks, skins, apps are provided from one place and and placed into the right directories by the SimSyncPro (Apps have to be activated as usual after SimSyncPro.

Step 1

Download SimSyncPro latest version from here: 

Step 2

Unpack the content of the zip file into your game root directory.
In case of Assetto Corsa this probably will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\

Step 3

In each of our events you will find a configuration file, which is named


This file has to be placed into the same game root directory as the files before.

Step 4

Go into options and change the connections to passive ftp

Step 5

Select the event you like to synchronize (e.g GT4 Masters) ✔

You will see here a list of all events we are doing in future

You only have to select the event to which you have registered.

Press Start


Step 6

You will see a long list of missing or older files in case SimSync discovers differences between your PC and our server content.

Press OK at the top and the synchronisation process is starting.

Don’t be afraid. In the beginning you will see astronomical values for the time needed to download everything.


This is only during the initial 5 minutes, soon the download time will go down to an acceptable time.

Congratulations! You are all set!